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"Brooke Usher is an outstanding lawyer. I hired her in a custody  case, which she proactively led. Throughout the case I gained valuable  knowledge about family law in Tennessee and in general. Brooke is widely  connected with mediators and was very supportive in pursuing an  out-of-court agreement, which we reached within the desired time frame.  What outlines her competence is her skill to balance her partiality with  a reasonable sense of fairness. She is able to kindly bring perspective  into subjects of emotional escalation, without compromising her  professionalism. 

I remain a grateful client of hers."

Dr. Fengler 

Nashville, TN

"Let me start by saying Brooke has been the most dependable, responsive,  fight for your case attorney I have hired and I have been through a few  since 2005. First, I am an out of state client that was allowed to  relocate but needed to go back to court. I contacted her and was  immediately transferred since I just received notice of a hearing to  take place a few days later. She explained all my options from the  beginning and let me know what she felt would be the best route to  handle my case and she went for it. If anything new came up or she  needed more information, she was quick to send an email or tell me she  needed to speak to me directly and we would set up a time to talk. From  the time of filing to the actual hearing I did not feel like I was a  forgotten client which I have felt like from other attorneys. Know that  when you hire Brooke, she will analyze your case as your attorney, tell  you the truth and look at your case from the other perspective (judge,  other attorney, etc) . She ALWAYS looks at what is best for your child  and will have you ready for court when going before a judge."

Nia W. 

Atlanta, GA

"Ms. Usher is a very smart and professional lawyer. Brooke handled my  divorce this past year. When I came to her I had been married 30 plus  years. She listened to me and was very supportive of me. Brooke is a  tough, honest and a hardworking attorney. I could call or email her at  anytime and she would always respond almost immediately. My ex-husband is  an narcissistic psychopath. No matter what he tried to pull Brooke was  on top of it! It didn't take me long to know that I had picked the right  attorney to fight for me. Brooke did a fantastic job for me and I am  very grateful."

Lori F. 

Smyrna, TN

"I hired Brooke Usher for a custody case. As a father I knew it  would not be an easy task but she made it seem like it was. She was  aggressive in legal issues and sincere in her desire to help.  Communication was always good and explanations were clear. I was always  advised in a manner that not only lead to winning custody, but she  obviously was trying to do it in a way that did not cost me more then  necessary. I have recommended Brooke Usher to friends and will continue  to do so."

- Mark

​Nashville, TN

"As an out of state client I was impressed with how she took  ownership of my support case.With her experience and knowledge of these  cases she gave me the best outcome. She stayed in contact and informed  me of everything as it happened. I would greatly recommend her to  anyone."

- William

​Detroit, Michigan 


"Brooke  met my needs. Gave me options and was a fair price for my case. She  kept in touch with everything that was going on through it all. I was  able to win my case and my son and myself are forever greatful for her  professionalism."

- Melanie 

Nashville, TN