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​​​•   Divorce

•   Separation

•   Child Custody,  Visitation, Parenting time and Parenting Plans

•   Child Support and Child Support Contempt Matters

•   Modification of Custody and Support

•   Father’s Rights, Parentage and Paternity Actions

•   Termination of Parental Rights

•   Neglect/Dependency Issues

•   Adoptions, Step-Parent Adoptions

•   Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

•   Powers of Attorney

•   Orders of Protection

•   Criminal Matters Relating to Family Law Issues

•   Domestic Violence Matters

•   Post-Divorce Decree issues Including Contempt and Modifications

•   Division of Complex Assets

•   Division of Marital Royalties Including Songwriting, Publishing and Production Royalties       

•   Division of Other Intellectual Property

•   Mediation

•   Alimony

•   Equitable Division of Property

•   Real Property Division 

•   Personal Property Division

•   Department of Human Services Assistance 

•   Emergency Petitions for Change of Custody

•   Child Support Services Assistance